Unemployability! Why?

June 19th

In our previous blog, we saw what the industry feels and the experts’ assessments about present graduates in India. It is candid that, we do have lots of jobs but lack of employability is a hindrance!

Hence, we tried to figure out some prominent reasons for unemployability in today’s graduates. The vital cause is ‘the great mismatch between the education system and the industry’s need.’

What are the key reasons?

Impractical syllabus where more focus is given on theoretical knowledge and not on application of everyday principles. Some of the Biology students even after passing out, lack skills that a semi-literate gardener might possess of planting a tree in a pot, leave growing it. The syllabus is often ineffectual!

Guide Books has more bane than boon, as students only memorize and pass their exams. The questions are bound to come from the guide books and they do not even modify them! Now this puts light to how tainted the standards of our academics are!

English Vinglish is not only in reel life but it is a true trend of real life amongst even young graduates. Some of the engineering graduates cannot write even a small paragraph without voluminous spelling and grammar errors. Some of the engineers that we have produced have grammar skills no better than a 7th standard students! Communication skills is absent in most fresh graduates.

Machines are no more our friends, they have become our daily servants as basic computer skills are important to accomplish most of the jobs. Still computer education is often neglected in curriculum!

For us, this points looked surprising but many young graduates has these things in common. It is today, we need to work and change our education system to add employability among our youth. The multi-nationals inflowing in India, expects a talent pool and if our young graduates aren’t able to flaunt passable skills, they will turn their wheels to a different nation where they can find skilled workforce.

The question for the day is, when are we going to face the reality check? And when are we going to eliminate those hindrances and make everyone in India employable?

Unemployment! Why?

June 19th

We saw in the early 80’s, graduates in our nation faced unemployment despite decent scholastic abilities. However, we witnessed India flirting with economic reforms in the last decade of 20th century and the international conglomerates got their services and products out-sourced to us.

Our country has become the third largest higher education market worldwide with over 36 lakh graduates who come out of college and universities every year. Yet, why are the international and national companies scared of giving jobs to Indian graduates who has 15-16 years of formal education? They feel Indian graduates lack certain job skills? This is the foremost question of the day!

Lack of job skills? Obsolete syllabus? Poor academic delivery? Lack of work culture exposure? Over-emphasis on scoring higher than gaining knowledge? And what more???

Let the Industry Speak Now!

Only 25% of over 36 lakh graduates pass-outs are employable in IT-BPO sector,” feels Nasscom.

64% of surveyed employers are somewhat / not-very / not-at-all-satisfied with the quality of engineering graduates and their job skills,” indicated a World Bank and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s survey.

Also, the Experts too Speaks!

Our education system must be revolutionized and the institutions must be revamped to go to the next level of education ladder to produce a generation of skilled, educated, trained, productive and employable youngsters,” feels Smt. Prathibha Patil, former President of Republic of India.

The enrollment of students in India is high, but the quality of education is still poor. Even some of the best institutes like IITs and IIMs are MITs in terms of quality of education,” feels Elizabeth M King, World Bank Director Education.

This blog should work as an eye-opener, that it’s UNEMPLOYABILITY and not UNEMPLOYEMENT that is making Indian graduates jobless! So, the question for the day is that when the industry is updating itself very fast with global market requirements, when are we going to make ourselves more employable???